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Website Maintenance Services

With website maintenance services from Techblyz, you’ll always know that your site is in good hands. As a qualified website support company, we’re available to handle everything related to web maintenance, security, and performance for your business, with monthly plans that ensure you get just the right level of oversight.

Dependable Website Support, Maintenance, and Programming Services

There’s a lot riding on your website. Our professional site maintenance services make sure that it delivers, providing frequent updates to enhance its aesthetic, attract new visitors, and prevent it from looking dated. Depending on your regular web maintenance needs, our team of web programmers can also work to update your site’s content, appearance, or product inventory, with expert tech support that takes the guesswork out of implementing must-have changes.

Monthly Managed Website Maintenance Plans

Make sure that your domain stays bug-free and up to date with a monthly action plan dedicated to maintaining on-site stability. Regular site maintenance is essential for sustainable performance, and is heavily recommended for ecommerce websites and digital publishing platforms that are consistently updating their products and articles on the backend. Our monthly digital marketing maintenance services for your website include (but are not limited to):

Adding and Modifying Images

The right image can make a sale. For ecommerce brands that require constant product updates with new images, we can add and optimize images as needed so that every product page is designed to convert.

Content and Link Updates

Your content and linking strategy are integral to your SEO efforts, but they can be tricky to manage as your site evolves. To avoid 404 error pages, we’ll make sure that proper redirects and updates are always in place, keeping trust high with search engines and providing visitors with a seamless user experience.

General Tech Support

Have a question about your site? We’re here for you, with reliable, on-demand tech support for guiding you through everything from adding new pages and content to updating existing forms and layouts.

Website Backups

Regular backups of your website protect your business from data loss due to human error, updates, hacks, and other major disruptions. Get peace of mind your data and website are safe, with backup protection managed directly by our website support team.

Routine Updates and Support

Theme and plugin updates are a must for keeping your website running, but they can cause a major headache if they’re done incorrectly. We’ll keep everything on pace, with crucial behind-the-scenes updates that won’t interfere with your daily site operations.

WordPress Website Maintenance

Most companies use WordPress as their CMS, which is why we offer dedicated WordPress maintenance services that include WordPress website maintenance, upgrades, security, and support. Get professional oversight of all your WordPress plugins and other core features, plus as-needed security patches to ensure your site is always accessible to users.

Additional Website Management and Support Services

Need something else? Any additional web design and site maintenance projects are quoted on a case-by-case basis and require an evaluation by our programming team before any changes are made.

This is to ensure that changes seamlessly integrate with your website and don’t cause any potential conflicts in the long run.

Our job is to make sure you have a robust platform to launch your online marketing activities, with website support services that give you the reliability you need to succeed online.

  • Website hosting maintenance and assistance
  • Scheduled ecommerce back-end maintenance
  • Web design and coding maintenance
  • Optimization and speed
  • New tools, integrations, & APIs
  • Overall site improvements

Why Your Business Needs a Website Maintenance Company

Whether it’s WordPress website maintenance or ongoing support for another CMS, having a reliable partner can make all the difference in keeping your website operations on track. Various benefits of hiring Techblyz for website maintenance services include:

  • Stronger website security
  • Regular backups and updates
  • Content updates and optimization
  • Better on-site user experiences
  • Beneficial website enhancements
  • Compatibility assurance
  • Maintenance cost savings


Owning and operating a business is a big enough job without having to throw website maintenance into the mix. Let our experienced web support and programming team handle maintenance for you, and free up your time and budget for other major endeavors.

Website Maintenance: FAQs

What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance is any activity dedicated to monitoring and updating your site’s performance. This includes technical improvements like security patches and updates to content and plugins, as well as small but impactful changes that help guarantee a better on-site experience for visitors.

Why is website maintenance important?

Without website maintenance, your business risks data losses, website outages, and other seriously costly errors. Regular maintenance helps you get ahead of problems before they occur, putting safeguards and stopgaps in place so you always know your site is safe. It is also a foundational part of any business’s digital marketing and SEO efforts.

How often do websites need to be updated?

It is recommended that websites have backups and updates to plugins performed once a month. This way, you never have to worry that your site is out of date on the back-end or that you’re at risk of losing all of your current content and data.

What is the difference between website maintenance and website support?

Website maintenance is preventative, and is intended to help keep problems from occurring. Site support, on the other hand, is intended to address issues when they do occur. They’re basically two sides of the same coin, since you need both in order to keep your website in peak condition.

What is the difference between hosting support and website maintenance?

Think of your website’s host like the digital land that it lives on, and your website like its digital storefront. If one or the other goes down, your site will be inaccessible to users, which is why you need trusted support for any website hosting issues in addition to monthly website maintenance.

What CMS do you offer maintenance for?

Most of our clients come to us for WordPress website maintenance, however we also offer maintenance services for Shopify and Magento. If your business operates on another CMS, please contact us directly to discuss.