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Amazon EDI Integration

High volume sellers on the largest e-commerce site in the world have one thing in common: Amazon EDI. Among many amazing benefits for sellers on their platform, not many know about the process or are too confused by it.

As proven experts in Amazon EDI integration solutions, Techblyz guarantees easy EDI compliance to any Amazon vendor without the use of costly third party software. We engineer these Amazon solutions with custom code that you own.

So much goes into full implementation and management of this integration process that companies find it more cost and time-effective to outsource the tasks to proven Amazon trustworthy specialists, like Techblyz.

Focus On Your Business And Leave The EDI Compliance Complexities To Us

You’ll partner with an able, certified team with over 20 years experience that will help you not only understand the compliance requirements but fully design and implement them for your organization.

When listing your products on Amazon, there are ways to offer your goods and services.

  • Amazon Seller Central: Using this portal, you promote, sell, and deliver products directly to buyers on the retailer’s official website.
  • Amazon Vendor Central: Here, you sell your products in bulk directly to Amazon, who sell and ship them under their brand name.

Smooth product inventory and confirmation communication is imperative for long-term success on Amazon, especially if you are looking to scale. This is where Amazon EDI comes into play.

Maybe. Do any of these apply? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you might want to consider it:

  • You are already an Amazon supplier using either Seller Central or Vendor Central portal so determine which platform you are on first.
  • Manual retyping data from and to Amazon takes too much of your labor, money, and time.
  • You are looking for an easy and quick solution for Amazon automation.
  • You have limited the number of products you can sell on Amazon because you cannot process larger order volumes.
  • Your existing web-based solution limits the volume of orders you can process
  • You want to invest in EDI, but lack the infrastructure and technical know-how of implementing the concept.

Why You Should Hire Techblyz For This Delicate Integration?

  • We have 20+ Years of experience. We know both Amazon and EDI inside and out.
  • We excel in making EDI integration seamless for businesses classified as Amazon sellers or vendors. Retyping data and manual entry become a forgotten past.
  • Unlike our competition, Our EDI integration solution is deployable in days, offering you a quick and cost-effective way to increase your product and brand exposure in the USA’s #1 e-commerce retailer.
  • With Techblyz compliance services, you OWN the code we will custom write for you that automatically process orders from Amazon and tracking information, thereby maximizing your potential on Amazon.
  • That code will also reduce errors, chargebacks, costly errors, and labor costs, so you lower your overhead costs and increase your ROI.
  • We pride ourselves on offering a universal EDI solution that can connect with major ERPs, including NetSuite, SAP, Sage, and Microsoft.
  • Be assured of top security with our 24/7/365 security monitoring using world-class security protocols and tools. Your transactions are safe in our hands.
  • We will build out your real-time tracking, providing you with accurate EDI reports applicable to your business. Analyzing invoices, sales, order receipts, and income generation can’t be more effortless with our Amazon EDI solution.
  • We don’t just stop at integrating your business systems with your vendor account with Amazon EDI. Techblyz offers continued maintenance and readily available support, making sure we fulfill your Amazon EDI needs with utmost professionalism and friendliness.
  • Our agency has an entire digital marketing department compiled of Amazon marketing experts. After connecting your EDI , we can focus on scaling your business even further with continued Amazon SEO Services for faster product ranking and revenue growth with continued Amazon PPC Management as well.

If Hired What Will Services will Techblyz Perform?

Create the bridge between your system and Amazon’s. Our EDI specialists will walk you through the steps of EDI setup, which normally follows the following steps. Here is how we will do it:

Setting up the Connectivity

In your Amazon Vendor Central portal, you’ll see a section labeled “EDI-Self Service Setup.” This is where the connection process begins.

Enabling Global Settings

This step is aimed at getting your business system to interact with Amazon’s server. Part of this stage is downloading and installing a server authentication certificate that helps create an encrypted connection for secure data flow.

Setting up the EDI Messages

Following the connection, our team will test and enable the EDI messages discussed earlier. You can have us implement all or some of the messages, having guided you through Amazon requirements and specifications.

What is Amazon EDI?

It facilitates integration between your business software system and your Amazon seller account. It sets the stage for a seamless flow of communication in both directions, whether you intend to list new items, prices, SKUs… in your Amazon store or want to integrate an order extracted from Amazon into your software system. Whereas Amazon provides EDI at no additional cost to vendors, fulfilling the compliance requirements, and integrating the platform into business systems is a challenge to most Amazon sellers. In order to understand why this is a challenge, it’s important to fully understand how this powerful connection works.

How Does Amazon EDI Work?

A common question indeed. By definition, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a computer-to-computer exchange of data between trading parties. It’s been around since the 8 track player so it’s nothing new. You can think of Amazon EDI as two servers exchanging data packages in a way similar to servers emailing each other with attachments. The receiving system can decode and process these attachments, known as EDI messages. Its one system is completely mapped to the other, meaning they trust the information being sent at lightning speeds. EDI on Amazon helps to eliminate too much manual work involved when accepting and fulfilling orders on the Amazon vendor or seller portal. For suppliers with higher order volumes, manual data entry can take at least 15 hours per week, bringing about additional expenses and higher chances of human errors. Considering you are probably an Amazon seller researching this topic, you know this pain all too well. With Amazon electronic data interchange, you speed up and automate your business processes on Amazon, thus reducing operational costs and improving efficiency.

Amazon EDI FAQs

Why Should I Invest in Amazon EDI?

Amazon EDI automates Amazon order management procedures, thus reducing human error and the possibility of chargebacks. You can be sure to save an incredible amount of time and operational expenses when you integrate EDI into your enterprise systems.

What are the Considerations for Amazon EDI connection?

It’s highly recommendable that you first determine your objectives for Amazon EDI integration. Is it eliminating human error, reducing chargeback, or saving time? With defined goals, Techblyz can, therefore, work towards achieving specific targets for you. Keep in mind some specific details of your Amazon seller or vendor account. Do you receive bulk orders? What fulfillment method and company do you use? With comprehensive answers to such questions, only then can Techblyz provide a comprehensive, unique solution to your business.

Is it a One-size-fits-all Solution?

No. Different Amazon vendors and sellers have varying EDI preferences and scale of operations. We look into several aspects of your business to determine what’s best for you.

Do you Offer EDI Integration Solution to both Amazon Vendors and Sellers?

Yes. Whether you operate on Amazon Seller Central or Vendor Central portal, we can tailor our Amazon EDI services to your account type.

What Kind of Support do you Offer?

Customer satisfaction is our priority, so we provide several channels through which customers can contact us. Call or email us or fill our online query form to have our customer support representatives address your concerns and questions.