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Conversion Rate Optimization Services

The visitors to your site are giving you helpful information with every click, and with conversion rate optimization services from Techblyz, you can put those insights to use to drive more sales.

Your conversion funnel is unique to your brand and your website. That’s why you need a personalized conversion rate optimization (CRO) strategy that’s geared toward your individual audience – including their on-site behaviors and preferences.

Our CRO agency uses a data-backed approach to ensure that you are seeing a constant increase in the number of users performing desired actions on your site. Whether it’s a macro-conversion (the purchase of goods or services) or a micro-conversion (a small step down the path of the sales funnel), we’ll do our best to guide every visitor in the right direction. This includes regular testing so your CRO strategy always matches up to how people are actually engaging with your page.

What Can Conversion Marketing Services Do For Your Business?

Every single visitor to your site has the potential to convert in some way. Sometimes that’s signing up for your newsletter or requesting a demo. Other times it’s making a purchase or becoming a highly-qualified lead.

With a dedicated web conversion service, your business can make sure that you understand the potential behind user behaviors on your site and that you are optimizing each touchpoint of the user experience.

The ultimate goal: get each user through the conversion funnel as efficiently as possible, using data, analytics, and audits to remove any barriers that are standing in the way of a productive visit.

You can’t afford to leave your sales funnel up to chance. Work with a CRO agency that knows how to make the most of your data, and start boosting your conversion rates instead of letting visitors fall through the cracks.

Some of the direct benefits of our website conversion rate optimization services include:

A Website CRO Agency That Drives Revenue & Results

At Techblyz, we help our clients improve their website conversion rates by designing and executing custom strategies that are driven by data at every turn.

Our CRO agency experts know how to weaponize your data to generate more leads, more customers, and more revenue. Your personalized plan will include various tactics for optimizing the user experience on your website – all of it based around comprehensive research on what’s currently working on your site (and what’s not).

With our conversion rate optimization services, your business will discover firsthand what happens when you put real effort into offering the exact user experience that your site visitors are looking for. You’ll also see how positive of an effect that can have on your conversion funnel and overall rates of success.

Types of Conversions

Most businesses think of conversion rate optimization in terms of purchases, but there are many other actionable steps consumers can take on your website that are beneficial to your brand’s growth.

As an SEO and CRO agency, we take on all tasks related to the design and optimization of your website – particularly those tasks that are related to getting more visitors down the conversion funnel. Our team will help direct your traffic to a number of key converting actions, including:

Some of these are macro-conversions, meaning they’re end goals that support your business in a big way. Others, such as adding a product to a cart or requesting more information about your products or services, are micro-conversions, which are smaller steps that can often lead to more substantial actions.

A thorough conversion rate optimization marketing strategy incorporates best practices for increasing both macro- and micro-conversions. This helps your business recognize a wide range of goals and gain a better understanding of the user experience on your site – both of which are key to achieving the highest possible rate of conversions.

CRO Metrics and Benchmarks

Our online customer conversion service is intended to help your business hit the mark on several valuable CRO metrics and benchmarks:

Bounce Rate

The rate of visitors who exit your site without navigating off of the page they came in on. Looking at your bounce rate (and tracking it over time) is essential for diagnosing problems with your existing conversion rate strategy. Likewise, by putting in work to reduce your bounce rate, we can ensure that more of your traffic results in meaningful conversions.

Goal Conversions

A goal conversion is any conversion that we are actively tracking on your behalf. For example, we may want to focus on increasing email subscribers or demo sign-ups, or on any other micro- or macro-conversion we’ve predefined as crucial for your success. Setting these types of goals helps shape your CRO strategy, and it also ensures our efforts are always pointed in the right direction.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

This is the percentage of users who ended up on your site after clicking a link in one of your ads, emails, or social media posts; or that got there through a search engine results page. This tells us where traffic is coming from and how effective you are at bringing eyes to the page. We also use this information to guide your broader marketing strategy.

Conversion Rates

The number of conversions divided by the total number of people who have visited your site. The higher your conversion rates, the better your CRO strategy is working. Note that conversion rates apply to all possible conversions, making this a multi-faceted benchmark that serves as a strong indicator of your big picture achievements.

The Relationship between CRO & SEO

CRO marketing serves a different purpose than SEO, but it also benefits it.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy that helps improve traffic to your site by boosting your ranking in search engine results pages. And CRO is the next step in that process, optimizing the user experience once people end up on your site.

Done well, conversion rate optimization can actually improve your rankings on search results pages and bring more traffic to your page. It also affords you some major insights into who your ideal customers are and how they are utilizing your site – which can in turn inform and improve SEO.

Once we know who is coming to your site, we can focus on discovering even more about their behaviors, including who is a browser versus a buyer and what parts of your site your ideal audience engages with the most. From there, we’ll optimize your site design, content, and more in a way that specifically relates to these factors, using SEO to draw in more desired traffic and encourage engagement and conversions.

CRO affords you some major insights into who your ideal customers are and how they are utilizing your site – which can in turn inform and improve SEO

Conversion Rate Optimization Services From Techblyz


We’ll use existing data and analytics to determine your company’s goals, target audience, and website functionalities, as well as to hone in on specific areas that need improvement for better conversions.


We’ll perform experiments to test the effectiveness of improvements and ensure any new design or engagement features are actively working to convert more traffic.


We’ll perform regular check-ins to ensure that any changes we make are efficient in the long term and that improvements are actually being sustained on the page.

Supplemental Conversion Marketing Services

A lot goes into effective conversion rate optimization. To make sure we dot all of our I’d and cross all of our t’s, we offer a range of supplemental services that amplify and elevate your core CRO strategy, including:

CRO Audits

Audits give us an in-depth look at what’s currently working and not working on your site. We’ll dig deep into your existing site structure, user experience, and marketing strategy, and then use what we learn to make a plan that’s specifically focused on conversion improvements.

Design & Development

Data is at the heart of all that we do, which is why A/B testing is a key part of any service we offer. Whether it’s a call to action or the way a user is navigating through your site, we’ll test individual elements so we can always know the solutions we’re putting into place are the right ones for the job.


A/B Testing

Data is at the heart of all that we do, which is why A/B testing is a key part of any service we offer. Whether it’s a call to action or the way a user is navigating through your site, we’ll test individual elements so we can always know the solutions we’re putting into place are the right ones for the job.

Heat Mapping

Heat maps are a visual representation of how people engage with your website. We’ll use them to get a clear idea of how your site elements are performing and where we might want to make targeted improvements for better results.

Data Analytics

Your site’s analytics provide us with crucial insights related to your conversion rate metrics. As such, we’ll monitor your analytics closely, with an eye for patterns, trends, and other insights that can tell us what needs to be done and why.


Stronger SEO means more visitors to your site and more opportunities to convert. We live and breathe SEO on a regular basis, and understand all of the nuances involved in boosting your online presence and getting more clicks from qualified leads.