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Online Reputation Management Services

Big Brother scenario, it seems we were destined for something even bigger. The thing about Managing Your Online Reputation and what the Googles and Yahoos say about you is that much of it is in your hands. Owning your online reputation is not easy, and in some cases, it can be a fight like nothing you’ve ever experienced. To answer all your questions and concerns, we’re going to be explaining what online brand reputation management services are, why they’re important, the many challenges and scenarios that exist along the way, and what you can do to build or restore your name.

What do online brand reputation management services accomplish? It’s more than you think. Merging the fields of digital marketing, public relations, journalism, social media, and the expansion of web development technologies, our reputation management agency specializes in building awareness of a new brand or business development, bringing brick-and-mortar businesses to the forefront of communicative evolution, or the fun part, playing Extreme Makeover: SEO Edition.

Let’s Move That Bus…. Or Rather, Online Reputation

A reputation marketing agency’s basis is promoting content that accentuates a client’s desired image. Regardless of being a Fortune 500 or a Mom and Pop shop, having a sound strategy succeeds in giving you the maximum control of what information is most accessible online. The need to manage your digital reputation is becoming all the more demanding for reasons including:


If your business can’t be found in Google in this day and age, you’re invisible. When trying to get your name out there, a variety of other listings related to similar keywords can clutter the visibility and influence of your brand.

Keeping Your Information Current

Say you are in a great situation, doing great things, and making big deals happen. Yet the front page of Google says that you work somewhere else, or there’s an embarrassing photo from your college days that stands out, or maybe someone shared something horrible that you were mentioned or tagged in. The past can linger and stick around on search results as badly as a tattoo of an ex’s name.

Maintaining Your Credibility

As much as Google has systems and algorithms in place to bring the most current and authoritative content to the forefront, we know that not everything posted online is true. Many times you’ll see online content that is borderline slanderous yet juicy and authoritative. Often in these cases, Google will rank the more authoritative, engaging, and best-optimized page over the other, regardless of which side of the story is the right one. When a user has to go to Page 3 just to hear your take on the matter, to quote the popular meme, “You’re Going to Have a Bad Time.”

Telling Your Story

This is especially the case for companies who don’t take ownership of their presence on review sites. By not responding to a negative review or a problem, having a website with content that explains the finite details of your service to answer the questions and concerns of other customers, or publishing proof that establishes the legitimacy of what you do, you lose the opportunity to explain yourself. You are lending your voice to what THEY have to say about you, and if Snapchat has taught us anything: They Don’t Want You To Win.
This can be so difficult because the world is broadening at a rate never before seen in the information age. Negative comments or reviews relating to past transgressions, information about your medical history, being fired from a job, or legal troubles can be damning to your name. Not to mention the authority Google gives review sites such as Yelp alongside complaint websites such as Ripoff Report and PissedConsumer. These things can spread like a wildfire. In many cases, reactionary efforts can come across as “too little, too late” toward setting your best foot forward. To combat these high-authority sites, a deep level of technical expertise is needed. By creating the right content with the right authoritative approaches, you can fight fire with fire. Or better yet, start one! People are going to look you up. Deal with it. To highlight this, we’ve created an infographic detailing how your reputation truly stacks up with a dedicated reputation marketing agency.

How a Poor Online Reputation Damages Your Business

A startling reality in today’s mediascape is that any one lone dissatisfied customer, or one mistake from the past, can negatively impact your brand’s online reputation at a moment’s notice. For example, when one negative review makes its presence known on your online profiles, let alone dozens, your sales and marketing efforts can pay a heavy toll. Poor online reputation can damage a business in a variety of ways, which can include aspects such as:

How Can You Stand Up For Yourself?

The internet can be cruel and unforgiving. If someone wants to do damage to your name, there are many ways to stand up for yourself. Here are a few scenarios that require the services of an Online Reputation Marketing Agency:
  • Online Mugshots or Court Photos
  • Slanderous Material Published by an Ex-Spouse, Ex-Employee, etc.
  • Court Documents
  • Ripoff Report/PissedConsumer entry
  • BBB (Better Business Bureau) Complaints
  • Negative Message Board Posts
  • Negative Scores on Popular Review Sites Such as Yelp, TrustPilot, and Google Reviews
  • Negative YouTube Videos Ranking in Position 1 of Google Video
  • Libelous Stories/Publications
  • Mistaken Identity/ Being Implicated for Someone Else’s Actions.
  • Reports of Illegal Activity by Someone With a Similar Name
  • Lingering Content Relating to a Previous Business Venture
  • Illegal Activity Relating to a Disgraced Former Employee of Your Company.
  • And more