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Off-Page SEO Services

Techblyz offers targeted off-page seo services for brands that want their presence off their website to be as strong as their presence on it.

Our off-page SEO services help you enhance and optimize all of the factors that affect your off-site digital marketing efforts. We’ll make sure that every facet of your web presence is designed to improve brand awareness and bring in more converting traffic, with a fully-customized SEO strategy based on a wide range of tried-and-true digital strategies.

Off-page SEO factors carry more than 50% of the weight when it comes to your site’s ranking. That’s because off-site elements like backlinks, mentions, press releases, and social media activity help paint a much fuller picture of who your brand is and what you’re all about.

With off-page SEO services from Techblyz, you get a comprehensive SEO strategy that helps optimize your web presence from the outside in. We’ll ensure that your website complies with all relevant search algorithms and ranking factors, and we’ll also conduct a thorough off-page SEO discovery process so we can see where you stand and create an actionable plan for improvements.

Ready to get more out of search engine marketing? Work with the Techblyz team and get off-page SEO services that go the distance for your business.

What is Off-Page Optimization?

Today’s marketing landscape is about more than just ads. From your site’s content to its metadata (and everything in between), every single factor of your website plays an important role in helping search engines determine your ranking in keyword queries. And without thorough SEO auditing, you could be making some critical errors without even knowing it.

To understand why it’s so crucial to get one of those coveted top organic spots in the search results, consider the following statistics :

What’s the Difference Between On-Page and Off-Page SEO?

Both on- and off-page SEO contribute to your SEO strategy and your overall ranking success. Where they differ is in the factors they cover. Keyword research, internal link building, and technical optimization are all things that impact your on-site performance, while quality backlinks, guest posting, social media, and others impact your off-site performance.

Of course, it’s not a one-or-the-other sort of thing when you’re choosing where to invest your time and resources. Your off-page efforts are just as essential as your on-page efforts for determining how well you do in search, and both need to be part of your digital approach.

Off-Page SEO

On Page SEO

What are the Biggest Off-Site SEO Factors?

Backlinks are a big part of off-page SEO, but they’re not all of it. Other important qualifying factors that our off-site SEO services focus on are:

  • Influencer marketing
  • Social media
  • Guest posting (Blogger outreach)
  • Press releases
  • Online reviews and answers
  • Forum and directory submissions
  • Domain authority
  • Reviews
  • And more…

What are the Biggest Off-Site SEO Factors?

Backlinks are a big part of off-page SEO, but they’re not all of it. Other important qualifying factors that our off-site SEO services focus on are:

Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t just blog posts. Every single piece of content you publish online is part of your larger content marketing strategy, and we’ll ensure that all of it is created with value and engagement in mind.

Influencer Marketing

An influencer is an off-page brand advocate who can help you amplify campaigns and get more eyes on your products and services. As part of our off-page SEO services, we’ll help you connect with influencers who are a good match for your brand. We’ll also help structure your influencer campaigns and monitor their on- and off-page performance.

Social Media

Your social media pages are as critical to your online brand identity as your website. Our social media management services serve to boost engagement and follower counts on all major platforms, all while ensuring you maintain control over your brand voice and reputation.

Local SEO

Each product description you have is only as strong as its ability to outrank your competitors. We’ll use a competitor analysis to dig into what competing companies are doing, including their product lines, keywords, and ranking strategies. From there, we’ll be able to figure out exactly what we need to do to outperform them.

Guest Blogging

Strategic guest posting is a fantastic way to expand your reach and increase brand authority. It’s also key to your link building campaign, bringing you the high-quality backlinks that are necessary for successful off-page SEO.

Link Building & Off-Page SEO

There’s a lot of competition in the online marketplace, and everyone is fighting for that top spot and the most traffic. While an optimized website is necessary for achieving that, so is an established, positive reputation from other channels and platforms. And that’s where link building comes in.

Backlinks are the most important element of our off-page SEO services. These are links on other web pages that lead to your site, in turn helping strengthen and improve your domain authority. As it stands, take two directly competing websites with equal on-site SEO practices and you’ll find that it’s the site with a better link building architecture that ultimately ends up with the higher ranking.

With our link building service, you get a personalized team of agency experts who will help you build a targeted foundation of backlinks on reputable off-site channels. This multi-level process includes the three main types of backlinks: natural, manual, and self-created, all of which are central to an effective off-site SEO strategy.

Natural Backlinks

Natural backlinks are links you receive from other sites without deliberate action taken on your part. We’ll help you gather these links through the design and creation of high quality, share-worthy content that we’ll post on your page, in press releases, and on various reputable platforms to gain editorial attention and encourage others to share the content with a link back to your site.

Manual Backlinks

Manual backlinks are achieved through direct link building efforts. To help you acquire these, we’ll do things like guest posting for other sites that link back to your page, as well as share links to your page on social media and encourage influencers and customers to link to your website and content.

Self-Created Backlinks

Self-created backlinks are acquired through the inputting of links back to your site on directories, website comment sections, forums, etc. Be aware though: while it may seem easy enough to just start sharing your links in a bunch of comment sections, relying too heavily on self-created backlinks or engaging in certain self-created backlink strategies can backfire, as search engines might flag your tactics and penalize you. We’ll make sure that any self-created backlinks to your site are done professionally and within the range of SEO acceptability.

An important thing to remember with link building is that all links are not created equal. As part of our off-site SEO services, we’ll focus on creating backlinks with the most value for your brand. These are links that:

  • Come from authoritative, trustworthy domains
  • Come from popular sites with high rankings
  • Are closely related to the content on the linking page

Beware of Black Hat Off-Page SEO

Bad SEO tactics are known as “black hat” SEO. And they can have a seriously negative impact on your search engine rankings.

Good SEO is never sneaky or manipulative. We’ve designed our off-page SEO services around clean SEO strategies that help you establish a strong, sustainable, and organic presence online. This means avoiding things like:

  • Paid and misleading links
  • Link schemes
  • Misleading redirects

Instead, you’ll get an off-page SEO strategy that doesn’t cut any corners – plus reliable results that are built on a foundation of legitimate links and high-value off-site content.