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Facebook Ads Manager

With a dedicated Facebook ads manager you can help your business operate a wealth of new business and opportunities, not to mention a sharp increase in conversion rates. When it comes to PPC advertising on social media, Facebook is king. Facebook is the number one most popular social media site on the internet, and the third most popular website globally. You can increase your reach by millions of views if you run a successful Facebook ad campaign.

Techblyz offers premier Facebook advertising services that are specially designed to target the consumers most likely to purchase your product or service. We can design, build, and oversee a Facebook ad campaign based on your campaign goals and business objectives, with a keen eye toward maximizing profit potential and optimizing keywords and copy to your ideal consumer base and their Facebook activity.

Facebook Ad Design

Part of our role as your Facebook advertising manager is to optimize and follow up with every single aspect of your Facebook ad campaign. We’ll track your ads on Facebook to make sure they are being placed in relevant pages and shown to your target audience so you can be sure you’re not wasting time, money, or effort with your Facebook ads. We’ll also look deep into your Facebook Business Manager analytics and make changes based on key data points, as well as perform A/B test on the ads we create for you so that we can adjust strategies as needed.

Wondering what will live on the other side of your Facebook ads? With Techblyz, you get a personalized team of SEO and Facebook advertising experts who, in addition to optimizing your Facebook ad campaign, will design custom copy and landing pages for your ads so that follow through remains strong and customers who click through are more likely to buy.

Targeting Your Audience With Facebook Ad Management Services

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a Facebook adverts manager is the expert knowledge you get regarding your target audience. We’ll optimize your ad campaign for the precise consumer base you’re trying to reach, taking into account various demographic variables such as:

  • Gender, location, age
  • Interests
  • Education level
  • Geographic location
  • Language
  • Life events
  • Income
  • And more…

We can also create Custom Audiences for your brand through information we gather from your marketing lists as well as Lookalike Audiences based on your website visitors. By honing in on the Facebook users who are most likely to interact with your brand, we’ll avoid wasteful spending and be able to better target your ad copy for the people who will come across it.

Some Of Our Ads

Data-Driven Approach

The key to a strong Facebook ads campaign is frequent optimization based on tracking and analytics. We’ll use the data and metrics found within your company’s built-in Facebook Ads Manager and combine that with general analytics on your website traffic and conversion rates to build you the very best Facebook ad strategy and adjust it as we go along. We’ll tweak your campaign based on performance metrics, and we’ll also identify clear successes so we can capitalize on them and expand those strategies into other areas.

Copy and creative

Techblyz is a Facebook advertising agency, but it’s not all that we do. We have a dedicated staff of digital marketing experts, technical pros, and skilled copywriters who can enhance your Facebook ad campaign and better connect with your audience.

All copy is not created equal. For ads and landing pages, you want copy that is specifically designed to maximize usability and conversions. Our agency pros will get to work for your business, custom creating copy that perfectly aligns with your brand’s voice and objectives.

A/B testing

The best way to predict the effectiveness of a Facebook ad is to run A/B testing prior to publication. At Techblyz, we have years of experience running split testing campaigns and decoding the results. You’ll get the assurance that your Facebook ad will perform well even before we post it, and we’ll know ahead of time if a certain strategy isn’t going to accomplish what we want it to.

Though it’s impossible to truly know the impact of a Facebook ad campaign before you put it out into the world, targeted A/B testing helps us take a bit of the guesswork out of it and focus our efforts on the ads that are going to bring you the biggest bang for your buck.